Reflections for the New Year THE PAST, THE FUTURE AND THE PRESENT.

Reflections for the New Year THE PAST, THE FUTURE AND THE PRESENT.

“Ring out the old.
Ring in the new.”

“All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.” Anonymous

The birth of a new year is a “great beginning” and each person celebrates it in her or his own way.
A rousing party.
A meal with friends.
A long walk enjoying nature.
A few moments of thoughtful reflection.

There are endless modes of celebration. Being an independent soul, any advice that may be given at this time of year, never seems right. And resolutions, which may have their place and serve as momentary reminders, can be over-ambitious. Yoga would suggest targeted focus on being present to one thing which is the “task” at hand.

January, is represented by Janus, the Roman mythological god. He is two-faced and looks in both directions: ahead (to the future –beginnings) and behind (the past – endings and passages). He was unique because he had no specialized priest to assist him and carried out all sacred ceremonies by himself. Is there a message? If there is, it appeals to me!

The photo I have chosen to represent 2015 is unusual because there are three faces.

The face that looks behind is to the past, the one looking ahead is to the future and the third, the one that is looking at you, is the present.

May you have a very Happy New Year.

In gratitude,