For over 30 years, Elizabeth has been completely devoted to Yoga practice as understood by Vanda Scaravelli. In this quiet, uncluttered space, there are no doctrines and no specific religion.


Vanda’s words taken from my book The Egyptian Sun Salutation and Yoga, explain this approach: “This is a new way to do Yoga in which you have to learn how to listen to your body, going with it and not against it, avoiding all effort or strain. The body in itself is healthy, but it has been ruined by all sorts of things including negative and destructive feelings.  If one can avoid following this unproductive direction, a positive attitude is going to instinctively take over and the body will then be able to start its recuperating function, its natural way of existing. There is nothing to be done. It is not a state of passivity but, on the contrary, of alert watchfulness. It is perhaps the most “active” of attitudes, going “with” and not “against” our body and feelings. We have three friends to help us find this pleasant, satisfying way of moving: gravity, breath and wave (a sort of circular supple extension along the spine). In all the positions these three companions (fused in one) should be constantly with us.”


I am available for individual lessons by appointment – in-person or online.