I began my formal studies with the Light of Yoga Society for two years and then continued with Dona Holleman for another ten years. This chapter of my study of Yoga concluded and culminated in a month’s stay in Pune, India at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute. The next chapter began and continues to this day with what Vanda taught me though A priceless relationship.


In these years, I have taken my Yoga students to places of power in many countries, teaching with the special energy that emanates from there. We have been to many regions in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Corsica, Morocco, England, Ireland and in recent years various districts of India.


My motto is “Il Respiro Crea La Tua Vita” (Breath Creates Your Life). When Yoga movements and breath are synchronized, new physical and mental states are created.I take great care in treating each pupil as a unique individual and respect physical differences. People trust me. Relaxed fluid movements and concentration on breath require years to train the mind and body but it is a rewarding journey.

I am greatly influenced by music and dance. Over all the years starting probably with high school choir and band, I have participated and attended performances of all sorts. Florence offers music and dance from around the world.


I regularly attend the annual festival of Musica del Popolo. I have outstanding memories of attending a master class as an auditor held by Mstislav Rostropovich and of watching a week-long seminar for prime ballerine assolute, concluding in a conference by Martha Graham. I am told these experiences are felt in my teaching. They are certainly events that have influenced my approach to Yoga.