There are excellent reasons to travel to other countries  to do Yoga.

When we go to other countries to do Yoga, it remains our principal focus as we travel.

In a foreign country, Yoga takes on a special meaning.

In different surroundings, breathing practices (pranayama) can become completely new and revealing.

The excitement and satisfaction that comes with being challanged in unique situations, may open doors to unexplored worlds.


A new aspect of your personality
may even be revealed.

Interesting cross cultural connections are created in my Yoga groups which are very often bilingual (Italian and English).

Sharing each other’s discoveries regarding new positions (asanas) or understanding familiar ones more deeply, is an important aspect of these encounters.


My trips have taken us to many countries:

many regions in Italy, Greece, Corsica, Morocco, England, Ireland, and in recent years, India.

I always choose places that have special energy and lush nature.

We are very often near the ocean.

Water is a marvelously relaxing and valuable source for re-energizing and regenerating health and well being.

Practicing yoga under conditions that are both inspiring and challenging, in my opinion, may reveal to us our deepest selves: both the personality we are familiar with and a shadow side, not often acknowledged. The practice of yoga–beyond the discipline of the positions–becomes a tool to balance these selves in order to live our lives with grace.


Come join me on one of my next trips.
It’s the best and only way to experience all of this!