My publications include a bilingual (English/Italian) book with variations of the Sun Salutation, inspired by Egyptian statues, pub. M.I.R. Edizioni, 1998.
A 25 page spiralbound workbook in either English or Italian, complete with drawings, is also available.
There are seven full days of suggestions for enjoyable asanas (positions) and pranayama (breathing exercises).
Latest is “a sharing of personal stories, moments when I lived more intensely or saw more deeply or felt the beauty of existence linked yo my being — who I am — because of yoga” (excerpt from the introduction).


To purchase the books “Saluto Egiziano al Sole e Yoga – The Egyptian Sun Salutation and Yoga” and “Yoga: A Seven Day Workbook of Relaxing Practice” please contact Elizabeth, “Loving and Living Yoga: Reflections of a Yoga Teacher” is available on Amazon.

Loving and Living Yoga: Reflections of a Yoga Teacher

(English – 106 pages with illustrations)


An exciting non-traditional way for yoga to touch and improve lives.  These personal essays make connections between yoga practice and insights garnered from everyday life. The mini-essays propose unexpected joys and experiences as benefits of practice. The reader travels, as I do, in many directions, from doing yoga wherever you are, to identifying new ways to see and listen. Original ink drawings, photos and illustrations spark life to my words.

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Saluto egiziano al sole e yoga – The Egyptian Sun Salutation and Yoga



I was inspired by Egyptian statues. Thier backs were long and straight and they had great strength and harmony. I spent days imitating them trying to understand how the movements were made and from which point in the body they originated.
The postures are united in a harmonious pattern which flows in a circular movement. They are part of a whole; just as a petal is part of a flower, this special sequence together forms one total movement. Each passage becomes a small wave which silently and steadily moves us effortlessly along: upwards, downwards, backwards and forwards and the whole series glides like a single wave.

Yoga: A seven day workbook of relaxing practice

(25 pages with illustrations)


This workbook has come about for a simple reason. Students have often told me that in spite of many years of doing Yoga, when they are at home trying to repeat something we have done in class together, they are at a loss about how to begin, what to do and whether they are doing it “correctly”. As a result, requests have often been made for some kind of a daily program to act as a guide.

People who have been doing Yoga with me will recognize asanas that we have done many times together. However, movements, although repeated, are never the same because we are always changing. The challenge, therefore, is to stay open to new beginnings and possibilities. This is one of the great lessons Yoga teaches us. Krishnamurti said: “The first step is the last one.” Let’s walk.