Yoga Seminar with Elizabeth Lutz Pauncz

Giardino del Nonno

Ischia May 9 – May 16, 2020


Treat yourself to an approach where pulling, pushing and “doing” are considered obstacles rather than goals.  Consider gravity and breath in a new way, thanks to a tranquil but active, restorative approach.  This is what you will find on my seminar held from May 4th – May 11th.

There will be 20 hours of practice, starting with an hour before dinner on Saturday.  There is not a set program for this week because adaptability to the needs and requests of participants comes before fixed plans.  Many poses will be considered, of course, but it is not the number or difficulty of the asanas that we do, but rather how we do them and the watchful attention that is dedicated to each movement.  Can we allow ourselves enough time to discover the value of waiting for a posture to reveal itself, rather than attempting to automatically execute something that has been prescribed either by a teacher or by oneself? I think you will find each day brings you closer to something authentic where the physical and mental worlds meet each other.  By placing attention on your breath, you will be drawn, encouraged by the sea-air and beautiful surroundings, into deep introspection.

Each participant will receive individual attention through touch and encouragement. We have many days to celebrate the similarities and diversities of each body and personality.

I hope you will consider coming.

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