“Breathing puts you in that innocent state of silence in which even a miracle can happen.”

“There is no teaching in the Yoga training.
One can only point out to listen to your
own body and the body itself is going
to give you the answer.”

“The moment you realize that gravity,
far away from push, is abandonment,
you enter into a new dimension.
Your heels become very, very heavy as
if a magnet was attracting
them towards the ground. At the same time,
from the waist up,
lightness, undoing the tension, responds
to its call, unexpectedly
driving you in the opposite direction.”


“It is the joy of the teachers teaching that the pupils drink,
and that very joy opens the doors through which pupils learn.”

(This is really true for me. I love to share this marvelous way of doing Yoga.)

“Although asanas should be perfectly done,
they are not an end in
themselves but a road towards
a deeper self understanding.”