We owe a great debt to the ancient Egyptians. Kings and queens had surprisingly open and grounded feet. Most of us have lost the knowledge and ability to stand properly. This capacity has been rekindled through Vanda’s teaching. To walk correctly, weight must be felt as it sinks into the back heel. This creates a strong downward pull through the entire leg which continues even when the heel lifts onto the ball of the foot in preparation to take a step. As weight moves forward, this “resistance” (in the heel) induces the toes to lengthen and open. The entire spine is awakened, leading to well-being, grace and a reassuring sense of self with each step. Upon discovery of this new way to walk a Yoga teacher exclaimed: “Talking about feet and heels has been one of the main features of my lessons. Now after only a few days of engaging my feet in this special Egyptian way, I realize that I have understood about 5% of this.”